logoLARC ABOUT PTY LTD Is a company which was brought about by the vision of one man Craig Seeley who decided to create a platform where the public could be provided with a safe new experience which not only excited the senses but emparted knowledge about the environment and local history throughout the tour experience. It was also his dream to be able to for the first time provide access to the mobility challenged. After years of research it was discovered the most suitable platform for such a venture was a LARC V. LARC standing for Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo and the V denoting 5 tonne load capacity of the vehicle. As LARC being very similar to LARK meaning "to have fun" it just seemed fitting to merge the two in the business name.

Originally the concept was to use another amphibian (the red eyed green tree frog) as our LARC colour scheme and this may still happen yet but for now as has been the request of our veteran enthusiasts the LARC's will remain their original bare aluminum livary. LARC ABOUT sees a big part of their operation preserving the history in relation to the LARC's as well as the local region.

Craig's vision of a company logo shown above was a melding of the LARC V it's work environment colours and a red eyed green tree frog and this was brought to reality with the logo you see today designed by Jamie Martin of Studio Box Creative in Caloundra.