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It has been 1 year since we introduced our "BIG DAY OUT" tour and with the positive feedback from those who have done the tour; Some say we should have called it the big chill as by the end of the day the consensus is you feel really relaxed.

This year starting mid January we are proud to introduce two new tour formats which will cater for the people who want a quick change of pace and a new experience on a budget

1 HOUR "Sunset" tour

Departing 04:30 pm on demand

Price $35 per person

Cruise and dine special

Enjoy a relaxing 2hour cruise onboard the LARC before or after a meal at one of Caloundra's many Clubs, group bookings are more than welcome and altleast 24 hours notice essential.

Bookings can be made at either our LARC ABOUT Vending service desk or by calling 0451 089 890



LARC tours in Caloundra will cease any day now!

If you have put LARC ABOUT's Amphibious Enviromental Tour in Caloundra on your bucket list maybe now is the time to book?

Due to some big changes for LARC ABOUT pty ltd Tours on Pumicestone Passage are numbered!

Before you wonder if the tour is being shut down we at LARC ABOUT would like to let you know first hand this is not the case; Life throws some curve balls some good some bad and some too good to refuse!

So if you feel the need to get LARCing I suggest you book now as we will only be getting out there if the LARC is close to full as other commitments currently have priority.

If you feel this LARCing lifestyle would suit you by all means give us a call and see if the price is right for you to take on this already established local gem.

Did you see us on Better Homes and Gardens?


Well that was fun fun fun!!!

A big thank you to the Better Homes and Gardens production/ cast and crew for a great day shooting on the Sunshine Coast.

I must also thank Bunnings Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Regional Council and the Queensland Police Service for all their help to make this day possible!

The work behind the scenes to make the Maroochy River LARC feature was a pleasure to do we even made front page headlines getting there to do the shoot!


When all was said and done all we had left were these footprints

and of course a few terrabytes of imagery which will hopefully entice many to come and enjoy the region and come ride with us! After all a picture is worth a thousand words.

Check me out! I look like I'm growling at the dog....

That's a better shot :)

It was fantastic to see the cast relaxing and enjoying the experiance

Thanks BH&G team!








LARC alongside floating dock

Just incase you are wondering. Here we are last week starting our tour from a floating pontoon/dock.

The day was stella and everyone was in high spirits which was great! 

We have many alternate ways we can conduct our tours to tailor to your needs.

This is also how we get mobility impared people on and off the LARC and we have multiple floating docks along the passage where this can be done; Don't worry though you'll still get to the full LARC experience!



The days are getting longer and the weather warming up. A fantastic time of year to get out on the water LARCing about Pumicestone Passage

We have had some fantastic events over the years and this was one of my favourite but there is another big one just around the corner stay posted!






logoLARC ABOUT PTY LTD Is a company which was brought about by the vision of one man Craig Seeley who decided to create a platform where the public could be provided with a safe new experience which not only excited the senses but emparted knowledge about the environment and local history throughout the tour experience. It was also his dream to be able to for the first time provide access to the mobility challenged. After years of research it was discovered the most suitable platform for such a venture was a LARC V. LARC standing for Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo and the V denoting 5 tonne load capacity of the vehicle. As LARC being very similar to LARK meaning "to have fun" it just seemed fitting to merge the two in the business name.

Originally the concept was to use another amphibian (the red eyed green tree frog) as our LARC colour scheme and this may still happen yet but for now as has been the request of our veteran enthusiasts the LARC's will remain their original bare aluminum livary. LARC ABOUT sees a big part of their operation preserving the history in relation to the LARC's as well as the local region.

Craig's vision of a company logo shown above was a melding of the LARC V it's work environment colours and a red eyed green tree frog and this was brought to reality with the logo you see today designed by Jamie Martin of Studio Box Creative in Caloundra.

LARC ABOUT Vending grand opening



We are proud to announce LARC ABOUT has a brand new vending van which can be seen out and about the region.

Primarily the van will be situated at the Leach Park (Short Steet) boat ramp car park; Right next to our LARC Tour departure point.

We are by the water and right on the coastal board walk in a perfect location for a few moments to rest and enjoy a nice beverage or snack whilst taking in this quiet location with a view.

The van not only offers you pastry, icecream , treats and cool drinks but has given us the opportunity to market our much loved tour, merchandise and local history books.

We can also book tour itineraries for any number of activities as well so come on down and check it out!

If you miss the van on site feel free to drop us a line and we will be sure to help you out.

Tours and Charters


Tours and Charters


The "Big Day Out" experience

DEPARTS on demand. 


*minimum numbers apply- pre booking in advance is preferred.

Capacity 36 Passengers



DEPARTS on demand (recommended departure times 10am and 2pm)

$50 Adults $45 Seniors $30 Children

*minimum numbers apply -pre booking in advance is preferred.

*Capacity 36 passengers per trip.

( We can also offer 108 pax capacity with our day tour itinerary about the Sunshine Coast price on application subject to itinerary options).

*call direct for more information on 0451 089 890

*Tour departure times may vary due to tidal conditions so be sure to leave your contact details when booking.




Tour departs 4:30pm on demand

$35 per person

*minimum numbers apply

pre booking is preferred by telephone on 0451 089 890



LARC and Dine

If you have a group and would like a 2 hour LARC tour plus lunch at one of Caloundra's many clubs this tour may be for you.

Perfect for groups

Bookings need to be 24hours in advance for this tour.



Our LARC's are also available for charter

Call 0451 089 890 to discuss what you have in mind.